We aim to...

  • coordinate the talents of local business and community leaders,

  • formally recognizes business excellence,

  • advocate the interests of Hillsboro and Montgomery County to elected and appointed officials at the levels of government,

  • supports community service organizations as they improve the quality of life in Hillsboro and Montgomery County,

  • assist with economic and community development of Hillsboro and Montgomery County, and 

  • provide opportunities for leadership development in cooperation with regional partners.

On the local level, the Chamber faces the social, ethical, economic and political responsibilities of the business community. The Chamber works toward the awareness of the needs and desires of the community, the analyzing of problems and priorities and the implementing of solutions.

The Chamber represents commerce and professionals on the local, state and national level in the halls of government. Through the Chamber, the business community will emerge as the aggressive leader of the community and provide for the economic improvement of our city and the civic and business development demand by our modern standards of living. These goals can be reached only by the united effort through an organization equipped to study and conduct a sound program of community progress.


The Hillsboro Commercial Association was formed in June 1955. Chartered as a non-profit organization, the Commercial Association brought the voices of business in Hillsboro together. The Hillsboro Commercial Association operated with the same purpose as today’s Chamber, for the purpose of advancing the commercial, agricultural, industrial civic and general interest of the City of Hillsboro, County of Montgomery and Trade Area. The Commercial Association established Chamber status in May 1957. The organization changed its name to Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce in April 1959.


Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce | 447 South Main St. Hillsboro, IL 62049 | 217-532-3711