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Date Posted December 19, 2011
News Title What Can The Chamber Do For You?
Posted By Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

As a farsighted business person you know that citizens who help their community to grow and prosper will grow and prosper personally and economically. Organized business functioning through the Chamber of Commerce can be the most effective and constructive influence in our community.

Mission Statement:

The Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce exists to advance the commercial, agricultural, industrial and civic interest of the City Of Hillsboro and Greater Montgomery County.

The Chamber:

* Coordinates the talents of local business and
community leaders
* Formally recognizes business excellence
* Advocates the interests of Hillsboro and
Montgomery County to elected and appointed
officials at all levels of government
* Supports community service organizations as
they improve the quality of life in Hillsboro
and Montgomery County
* Assists with economic and community development
of Hillsboro and Montgomery County
* Provides opportunities for leadership
development in cooperation with regional

The Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce meets annually at the Business & Industry Dinner in September as well as an annual social/meeting in December. There are many social and fundraising events throughout the year.

Each month Chamber members receive our e-newsletter "The Business Brief". Members are invited to contribute information about their upcoming events and other activities for inclusion.

The Chamber sponsors tournaments, concerts, scholarship dinners, and Business After Hours throughout the year in addition to hosting the annual Business and Industrial Appreciation Awards & Membership Dinner. There are some exciting programs and events being planned and we look forward to your participation. See the "Calendar" link above for a full list of upcoming activities.

Thank you for your interest in the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. The Hillsboro of Commerce works hard to focus on member needs. With a strong base to pull from within the Chamber, there is much that can be accomplished with the support of dedicated members. In the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce every member counts and we look forward to counting you in.

To learn more about membership visit us at the Chamber office, call 217.532.3711 or E-mail at

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